Wednesday, November 10, 2010

31 things to do while it rains for: a day...week...month on the Island

Oh for Pete's Sake.
It has been raining for freaking days now.

Here's what I have found to do on the island during the monsoon season.

1. Turn on the happy light. Sit close to pick up full spectrum lighting. It really works. Don't burn your hair.
2. Knit.
3. Drink box wine.
4. Don't try to knit.
5. Balance your checkbook.
6. Cry.
7. Do laundry.
8. Go to lunch! Black Dog Cafe. Order the chowder and Menemsha Sunset Latte. Oogle over the Black Dog Chocolate Bomb, but under no circumstance succumb.
9. Sit at Gma's - it's warm there. Don't wear a sweater. Don't worry if you drift off. It's the heat, not the humidity - family joke.
10. Get under a good down comforter and read.
11. Get over yourself.
12. Go to lunch again. This time Linda Jean's. Order the Big C cheeseburger and fries. Make sure you sit in Kim's section.
13. Drink lots of Keurig Machine coffee - warning, it can be addictive.
14. Go on Craigslist on the freebie link for laughs. People, you are giving away a dogwood tree that is faded and shows few blossoms?????
15. I don't think I even need to mention the F-word. (Facebook:) )
16. Get over yourself again.
17. Organize your underwear drawer.
18. Go to Vineyard Bottled Water. Fill the egg crate bottom with a new mix of Keurig Cup coffee portions. Go ahead. Try the chai tea K-cup. Live dangerously. (This place is awesome - they keep your charge on account and you can go in anytime and get whatever k-cups you desire - over 50 different kinds! Bed Bath and Beyond can't claim that!)
18. Curse that you have no invisible dog fence as you enter the Rain Zone for the 4th time for the dog's potty time and step in sandy mud. Ugh.
19. Go get mud boots at the dry cleaners. That's right. The dry cleaners. The one-stop shopping place for island men. :) Muck Boots brand are the bomb. Will get you through many hurricanes, Nor'easters and occasionally the incessant rain. :) Look at all the Carhartt and hunting season attire. Try on the jackets and hats. Consider the fur-lined aviator hat. Buy the glove liners. Under no circumstance succumb to the neon orange hunting hats. They do not look good on anyone. Don't forget to pick up Gma's sweater.
20. Go to Leslie's Drug Store. Buy some Maybelline lipstick. Try a new color. Talk with Lena at the counter. Hear her story of what her grandkids are up to now.
21. Go to Rainy Day -  ha -  it's a store. Buy on Tuesdays when you get 10% off for belonging to the Island Shopper's Club. Scope out the holiday displays. Plan your shopping list for Day After Christmas Sale. Map out location of said list items. It gets ugly in there that day.
22. Go to the Library. Read all the magazines. Lounge in the chairs.
23. Make chicken tortilla soup. Put a bit of lime juice in to sweeten the tomatoes just a tad. Under no circumstance add sugar like the alien family members do on Wednesday night supper nights. What are they thinking.
24. Call Sidekick Carol. She will always cheer you up.
25. Put the floor pedal exerciser up on a table. Turn on your ipod. Sing like there's no tommorow. Ride like the wind, only with your arms lol.
26. Lunchtime again. Waterside Market. Get your favorite. You know you want it. The Supreme 3-cheese grilled cheese sandwich and Good Karma latte. You have never tasted a grilled cheese sandwich like this one. Trust me.
27. Go to Leroux Home Store. Get one kitchen gadget you have never considered. Find out how to use it. Use it for supper tonight.
28. Make one rainy evening run to Cumby's for a magazine and slurpy. Check out the $7.99 dvds on the rounder rack by the front door. Buy a scratch-off ticket. Yes, every islander does this.
29. Use Uncle John's truck and drive on a road you've never been on. The leaves have fallen and you can see all the mega-mansions that are hidden by foliage during the summer. Don't go up OJ lawyer Dershowitz's dirt road. You can't turn around without slidding lol.
30. Go to Mocha Mott's coffee for late breakfast. Sit in the corner booth. Order the Everything bagel slathered with cream cheese and a cappuccino. Read the leftover national papers. Gossip with the regulars about recent fire at house rented by specials from police dept., allegedly from a candle near a bedroom window. Speculate on whose room. Talk nicely. And as Brother-In-Law playfully whispered, "When they come in to get their coffee, don't hum 'Candle in the Wind'." 
31. Drive along State Beach Road to see the waves during the storm. Watch them crash over the seawall and hit the road. See the real beauty of the moment before you.

Have a good one.