Friday, February 8, 2013

Woah. Wicked Stawm Comin'.

Feeling like a sitting duck in the shooting gallery of a two-bit carnival about now.

But if there's one thing you learn about living in New England, it's just that. There's always a "wicked stawm comin'" on a regular basis winter, summer, spring or fall if it involves two words that strike dread in the heart of every New Englander: N'or and East'r.

Nemo from Space - NASA

It's still pretty early in evening, but already the three main towns of the island have lost power briefly - translation for landlubbers? Ruh-roh. Main island power link to the Cape. :(

The wind is sending up walls of sound and fury that ebb and flow like the astronomical tides predicted along with the snow. Temperatures have dropped, setting the stage for a seriously uneasy cold winter's nap. 

Mass. Governor Patrick has just prohibited all traffic on ANY ROAD IN MASSACHUSETTS. 

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

But, like good New Englanders, we are ready. :)

Scallop boat out of water and tarped? Check.
Storm shopping done? Check.
Cars gassed and parked front headed out first? Check.
Cell phones, iPads, computers and storm radios charged? Check.
Ice scrapers, ice melt, snow shovels, snow plow service on speed-dial? Check.
Bottled water? Check.
Candles and batteries? Check.
Really good storm food prepped, but the junkiest of junk food in the pantry also? Check.
Snowfall predictions for MVY airport and BOS airport picked for the snow pool - winner gets a home-baked apple pie? Double-check!

Stop & Shop stayed open till midnight last night to accommodate shoppers. Regular store closing 9 pm. Gas station attendants pumped gas cheerfully despite the frigid temps (no self-serve here!). Customers waited patiently on queue to stock up on scripts at the local pharmacy. Not a single raised voice was heard on our full day of storm prep.

And because this is an island with limited roadage, whether the storm be large or small, clean-up is about the same. Sure, it might take a little longer to get the roads cleared initially, but once clear it's business as usual on the island. It will take days for the Mainland to get to any form of "normal" after such a large and severe weather occurrence.

Yankee ingenuity at its best, people.... ok maybe hooking up your L.E.D. christmas "twinkle" lights to a the computer back-up battery for lights inside the house might be a stretch lol.

But for now we're hunkered down, getting the latest in wind reports (gusts to 78mph, sustained 57mph) and awaiting the blizzard to come (last report full blizzard conditions raging in Connecticut)...

Crossing fingers and toes. 

Have a Warm One. :)