Tuesday, August 2, 2011

For WIP Wednesday: Uh-Huh, It's Crazy-Making Time

For those of you who are knitters, WIP is no stranger to you.
To the rest, let me explain.
WIP = work in progress.

And this is what's on my to-do plate right now.

1.Since my mom has moved to assisted living, we are cleaning out her place and getting it ready for sale. And we are preparing for her yard sale at the same time.
the basement at Mom's - just look away lol

2.The backlash from that is finding a place for the little things we want to keep, when we haven't yet unpacked the little things from our move last year.

3.The backlash from that? Rearranging the guest room furniture to fit in the blue desk my mom gave me.

Yep they are still there
4.The backlash from that: all cleaning/grocery-shopping/laundry doing at our house is on-deck.

It's just like a baseball game around here.
Who's on first. What's happening on second.
Who's at bat. What's on-deck.
What project is in the bullpen.

We also had my mother-in-law visiting, and my husband travelling, and my son fishing, and my thyroid going lol....

Ok God. This is so not funny to me lol.

But I am remaining hopeful, productive and hell-bent on finishing something this week.
And I am definitely not missing meditation!

Who said this was a simpler life?
Oh. Me.
Stay tuned.

saving one for me...I think

Have a calm one. :)


  1. Hello Inky.... I need your email and/or your Ravelry name. I want to PM you about the Tea Leaves. Thanks for the comment on www.knittinginbeantown.blogspot.com

  2. I posted before but I don't know what happened to it. I was telling you I was having trouble finding the Victoria Trumbull books here and so I'll have to have one shipped in from Amazon.

    Also I hope that you find some interesting things while you are cleaning up your moms place as that would make the chore more bearable!

    I hope you make good progress with all your WIPS and get some rest as well.

    Take care. And do you mind if I copy you email?

  3. I lost one of my posts to blogger world also! The Victoria Trumbull books are printed by a regional press and that's probably why it's hard to get in your area. Once I started reading them, I ordered on amazon - used and new. I think they are being picked up now by a bigger printer and some are getting reprinted.

    As for the cleaning out, it's getting better! The first part was the hardest - where to begin. Once we started, it's just like a regular job, but with added benefits - we get to hold up stuff and say "hey remember when" - it's really quite nice in that respect.
    And it's fine copy the email. I should have the gmail one posted for the blog anyway.
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment - your posts are always welcoming and helpful. :)

  4. Actually, I just set up a new email for contacts: inky077mvy@gmail.com

    This will be the fastest way to email me!

  5. Erin: You can use the above email for quick contact - or get me on Ravelry at inky077! See you soon?