Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hello, My Name Is Kevin

No, not THAT Kevin
And with that, a beautiful partnership has begun.
I'm talking about the new, from-the-Mainland UPS driver.

Kevin will deliver packages down our lane come Hell or High Water.

High Water arrived first, and Kevin drove right through it. He actually packed down the growing, rain-induced crevice across the gravel drive, saving us from certain washout.
If that's not extra service with a smile, then I don't know what is.

Meanwhile,  a different package service stopped delivery that same afternoon, because the boats were canceled, due to wind. Fact was, our "track-package" indicated our delivery was already ON ISLAND, lol.

"Off-island Kevin" beats it past the rescue dog barking - will even stick the package inside our door (permission granted), if it's unlocked.

He delivers day and night. One day, he dropped off a package before I had my first cup of coffee in my robe, and left one after 8:30 pm that night.

I do not scare him with my morning "Einstein" hair and pjs, sitting at the table writing.

He introduced himself to both my husband and me on separate occasions. With no prompting. Held out his hand. And he's under age 30. Where did the old-school manners come from?

I see them in their brown uniforms, when I sometimes drop off my commuting husband at the Steamship Terminal for the early boat. Off they troop, lunch bags in hand, looking young, determined, even eager to start their shifts for the day.
Oh we've had regular UPS deliveries on the Mainland, but not with this kind of connection.

And frankly, there have been times here I have been less than impressed.
You might remember my 17 steps-of-terror story.

But now here's a new man in town, and his name is Kevin.

No more  "drop-shipping" our exercise bike off the back of the truck to the driveway below.
No more taking out the gravel driveway to the tune of $400.
And no more "Deliveries of a Thousand Days." Remember that story?

No siree.
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these
"sea-born" couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Except of course, a canceled boat schedule. :)

Have a good one.  :)


  1. An awesome delivery guy is worth his weight in gold, that's for sure!

    Funny, the UPS guy in Hyannis can never find my house. The house that's been in my family since 1966. He returns the package to the depot with a note that says the house doesn't exist. Wish he'd tell my mortgage company that - I wouldn't have to pay up every month!

  2. Funny! Lands End kept saying we didn't have a house either. Very frustrating! And they get it from the postal codes - if the USPS doesn't know where you live...