Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm BACK. Seriously. :)

Well, it has been a time ago, hasn't it?

 Going through computer problems has been trying. First it was, what's wrong. Then it was, how could this happen! Then, how the #$%@ do we fix it. Then, what do you mean, we DON'T fix it? lol.

So a new computer was bought, the old failing hard drive scoured for any info. we could save. A back-up drive, and transference lol later, and volia, a new so-expensive-it-seems-like-I-paid-more-for-my-first-car Mac made its way to my writing table.

Now, what have I been doing in the meantime?
I'm working on a photo montage.
Stay tuned.

Meantime, ponder this lovely scene, provided by my niece, Julie.

Evening at the Black Dog

Have a Good One. :)
Wow. That feels good just typing it again.


  1. Oh so glad you are back!!!!!!! As for the technology, don't you need the computer more than than the car anyway? I am a techno slut, I love going in and buying any new piece of computer gizmos, seriously!
    Anxious to see the photo collage, eagerly awaiting it!

  2. Thanks E, I have to agree (secretly) I am so seduced by that apple... isn't that how it goes? lol.

  3. About time! Oh Inky-dear I missed you and was about to resort to snail-mail to make sure you were okay! Very glad to see you again!

  4. Just technology getting the best of me, SS! Hope you are doing well and the sun is shining in your life today. :)

  5. Unfortunately I caught a tummy bug. :( very ill, but getting better.