Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Is How We Do It

by Julie Immelt

Living on an island can be pretty cool, but it also has some unusual daily living quirks. Take for instance, just this particular list of 10:

1. We have boat crossings. Yep, that's right. We wait for boats to cross from the waterside to the boat sheds across the main street. A lot.

2. But this is what we see while in the traffic tie-up.

3. We have to sometimes wait for the wild turkeys to finish their banking duties at the local drive-thru window.

4. But this is what we see on the way to the mailbox.

5. We have to plan for trips to America - no "I think I want to go to Wal-mart right now!"

6. But we can have special deliveries from small retail businesses - I once had a book delivered through my car window as I drove by because of no parking spots. Talk about a sweet drive-by. :)

7. At the height of the season, we might have to wait at our favorite restaurants to eat.

8. But look at the view when we finally get there.

9. We get sidetracked by who's for or against the new roundabout at the only blinker light on the island, or how it came to be that summer help could have "pot" mailed to a harbormaster's shack and not get caught till the end of summer, or even how we as an island are going to make it through the winter, economically. But we really do like each other. See?

10. This? This is our neck of the woods, and we like it just fine. :)

Have a Good One, in Your Neck of the Woods. :)


  1. One of my dreams, to visit your area of the US, so beautiful. And so glad I found your blog today.

    I have a Yarn Lover's contest on right now you and your readers might want to enter at:

    Happy Knitting! G

  2. Thank you for visiting! Here's to spreading the "yarn word" to the world, one blog at a time. :)

  3. I used to vacation at Martha's Vineyard every summer and have many fond memories. Love your pictures, especially the one of The Black Dog! I miss New England seafood! I'm living in California now and this area also has it's special charms, but I try to get back east when I can. Will check in with your blog to keep in touch with knitting on The Cape.

  4. Thanks Carol for stopping by! It is amazing to be living in the midst of such great food, activities, beaches and community. Many Sundays I try to post a recipe we use here or one from a local cookbook or restaurant - check it out!