Friday, May 27, 2011

March to the Sea

I've never seen anything quite like it really.
Today, in the island towns of Edgartown and Tisbury, children leave their classrooms.
They gather flowers from neighbors' gardens and their own, gather them in their arms.
And they march.
March to the Sea.
To remember.
Loved ones, neighbors, friends.
People they don't know.
Remember courage, tenacity, service, sacrifice.
Their love, affection and longing.
Heartbreak and sorrow.
A tradition since the 1880s.
They march to the sea and cast freshly picked clusters and petals, lilacs and roses.
Into the sea.
A sea of soft blues and deep reds. Lush violets and vibrant oranges. Riotous pinks and yellows.
And for just a moment, they will dwell.
On a circle.
Life and death and rebirth.
From sorrow to a fresh new bud.
One fresh flower.
Of hope and renewal.

Remembering my dad, my uncle and my brother.

Have a safe one. :)


  1. I love this post. It moved me so much. The image of the kids and flowers and quiet save the slurp of the water's edge licking at kid's toes. Thanks for sharing this1
    Also, you posted a comment on my blog and I have gotten lazy in my search for a way to email you re Knitwit and Quince, so here goes!
    As for my color combos and yarns... it always seems to start with the color I am craving. I have noticed that so many of the things I have been working on are inspired by the jewel tones of the stained glass windows at my church.

    I love love love Knitwit! The people who work there are so helpful and genuine! I went in on the Friday after Thanksgiving and bought some Quince yarns and a sweater's worth of Manos! The Quince is so special and I hope to go up again soon to stock up. As for their patterns, I get an email from them each time they release a new pattern. I don't know why but the looks of their stuff is just different! Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    Erin @

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. It really was quite amazing to watch. And to think, they have done this since the 1880s. So poignant and meaningful then - now in a different way.

    You can post anytime here, or email me on Ravelry - I'm inky077 there, too.

    The staff at Knitwit are just incredible. Just on that one visit alone, I learned the differences choosing colors - that two that look similar in depth will get lost together. And to line up colors you're thinking of, photograph, change to black and white, and you can actually see that this is true. And it really helped me.

    It's so interesting that you start with colors you may be craving. That's the thing about Quince - the colors are really different from what I've seen. And Manos!!! Don't get me started lol. My new "It" yarn may well be Madeline Tosh. Just to touch it... well! Again, their color control and choice is terrific.

    Thanks for keying me in on the email prompts for patterns. I never knew! Just so different with subtle touches of elegance. If you know of any other pattern groups that are like Quinces = I would love to know!

    Happy knitting!

  3. I have a designer that I watch and hope to make one or more of her sweaters soon. She has been in Vogue Knitting and Knitscene. here's the link:
    I also like