Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIP Wednesday

To those knitters out there, you know what this means.
Work In Progress Wednesdays.
I belong to an online website - Ravelry  - for frankly anyone who uses yarn or roving or fleece to make things. It's free, it's a place to catalog my projects, meet other knitters, join groups etc., etc.
So. On Wednesdays, some of the members post their unfinished works-in-progress on their blogs, newsletters, and so on.
In that vein, I would like to post my unfinished projects since moving to the island - both fiber and otherwise:

My elderly mom's paperwork, meds, house projects

                                              Building and unpacking in the home office

a Christmas present

                                                               hanging pictures

lingering injuries

                                                      the usual suspects



my weight loss/physical therapy on mending bones and knees


                                                                       build my hat design business

storage issues

                                                         the landscaping

See. I bet you have a list exactly like mine.
Oh! One more.

Wherever we are, our work is never done. :)

Have a Good One.


  1. I love the simplicity and minimal text, heavy on the photos of this post. It really left me feeling some of the moods that must waft through your house as you settle in.

  2. Thanks Erin for the comment. Hopefully, it didn't leave an impression of crankiness for having too much on my plate lol. I try to meditate for that. :)
    Sometimes, it's easier to "cheat" with a picture-heavy entry, but here on the island, it's really quite easy to get caught up in the beauty and hilarity and mood of living on an island.
    Hope you continue to read!