Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finished Object (FO) Friday: For Your Christmas Shopping Pleasure - Shop Local

All done.
My hats and wrist warmers are all done, and ready for sale at the Artisan's Show - Chappy Room, The Newes Pub.

If anyone else is interested, I will be starting up an online store soon for my knitted goods on But in the meantime, these sets are available - in 9 colors - for $38 + shipping. Sold separately, $20 each + shipping.

Colors available:
Goldfinch - antiqued yellow
Mushroom - heathered brown
Winesap - muted red
Rosa Rugosa - muted fuchsia/lipstick pink
Pomegranate - muted rosy pink
Clay - muted salmon/pink
Lichen - mossy green
Cypress - deep forest green
Peacock - deep teal blue

You can email me at: for further information.

I used a wonderful yarn to create these handmade items from a regional source - New England-based yarn company in Portland, Maine: Quince & Co. Quince is a company I would like to work for! Pam Allen, CEO, answers the phone, packs the goods and even helps out a little old knitter like me when she orders a whole box of the wrong weight yarn. This is a small, creative company, regionally located to serve the needs of fiber artists who want a quality product at a fair price with beautiful colors, all within their geographical region. Their patterns are inventive, and their customer service outstanding. Look them up: Quince & Co.

Have a warm and cheery one. :)


  1. What a slew of beautiful work Julie! I love the hues you chose, they look great as a group! Send me the link to the esty shop asap!

  2. Thanks Erin! Now that the show is over, I can devote the time to getting my knitted goods shop up and running! Stay tuned.

  3. PS. Your linky thing to the Knitted Goods Shop didn't work when I clicked to check out your shop? Hmmmm?

  4. Uh... what shop?! Ha. Didn't open the shop yet. Been too busy falling and cracking teeth and all, lol. It's on my to-do list for this week!