Friday, December 2, 2011

Locally Grown and Proud of It: Yeehaw!

We have a big announcement to make.
Actually two.

1.  Andy (our son) and Jenna, eloped to Vermont in June! Those crazy kids just couldn't wait to get married and start a life together. :) (mum was the word till we figured out insurance coverage, sheesh!)

2. Andy and Jenna have recently announced they have started another collaboration of sorts, lol - something locally grown... they are expecting! Splash down? July 1st -ish.

3. Neela, the Rescue Pup is going to be a big Sister lol!

No more wash-ashores for us.
There's a new fish on the hook, and we are reeling it in. :)

So, this is actually a good time to also tell you about the original Island Grown Initiative here.
This non-profit "grows community through sustainable agriculture, local food advocacy and education."

We like this: trying to increase the supply and demand of local grown food for community health and the environment (like it says in the literature!). Read more about it here.

What does this mean for us?

It means we can get organic milk in old-school glass bottles from Gray Barn Farm.
It means I buy wool yarn spun from Liz Packer's sheep on Spring Moon Farm.
It means buying freshly-made gluten-free bread from the Scottish Bakehouse, or getting smoothies from Tisberry Yogurt with Mermaid Farm yogurt.

And it sometimes means spending a little bit more for a product that is in many ways healthier for us and our environment.

Each community could take a lesson from this inventive island program. Why not get behind the small, local business owners and support your community?

Why not use local resources to get what you want and know where it's coming from?
Why not teach the kids in your community how to eat right and even try their hands at growing food for themselves and their families?

What's not to like about that?

Being a member of an Island Grown food resource (Andy is fishing commercially), we want more than anything to be part of a growing concern that gives back to the community and to have fun in the process.

So when our little fish arrives, we will be happy to proclaim on many fronts, "Island Grown and Proud of It!"

I'm sure this will be just the first of many mayhem-filled posts from Grammy, so stay tuned!

Kiss your kids, eat good, locally grown food and have a good one. :)


  1. Well congratulations are in order for your family!!!!! Will it be funny for a wee one to be calling you Nana? Ageism here, I would need to come up with a cute alternative to Nana if this were to happen to me at this age, denial is not just a river....
    I love the segue into the Island Grown Initiative! I have been contemplating joining one here in the city now that the farmer's market has turned to fall produce, I wonder what the offerings from Boston Organics would be now?

  2. Thanks, Erin! I'm practicing names on the grandog lol. So far Grammy is a solid hit! As for the Initiative here, there is such a wide range of offerings and prices, anyone can at least try it on for size and taste. I'm sure that much is the same for those in Boston as well. We have not been disappointed!

  3. When my first grandchild was born I struggled with what my name should be...I did not want Grandma. A dear elder friend told me...don't worry, he will name you. And he did. He began to call me "Mima" and the name stuck. Now all my grandchildren know me as Mima. have a special time ahead of you.

  4. Thanks, Patricia! We are very excited and each day brings new wonder - I had forgotten all that. I'm starting the knitting now!