Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meh: Lamentations, WIPs and Getting Buttons

What a meh day, huh? Or maybe it’s clear and sunny where you are, I haven’t checked the "local on the 8s" yet. lol.

Winter days and Wednesdays on the Island just don't hang together real well.
1. I’ve finally decided on my Urchin Hat for the birthday present needed THIS SUPPERTIME.
Disastrous results yesterday on the gauge for two different yarns, two different patterns, couldn’t find my #4 circ needle, well you know how this goes… on and on.
urchin hat/arm warmers

moss stitch

I am getting ready to cast on for the Urchin, and this time try a moss stitch around the band to shake it up a little. If I get distracted, I can always gift one of those said lovely hats I made out of Quince yarn before Christmas and didn’t sell. Is that kosher? Must get those on Etsy soon, and then pin to my Pinterest to get some action, possibly.

something like these
2. I want to sew. lol. Didn’t see that coming did ya?
There’s a book - How to Sew a Straight Line - that has inspired me. I brought back from Hawaii scads of Hawaiian print fabric to make sun dresses out of, and sell during the summer season, and haven’t done so. lol. Yet another Lucy scheme on my part.
I wonder how hubby puts up with this stuff sometimes. The ideas in this head could be harnessed for good, if they would settle in a little, lol.

3. The house is a wreck - The kids got the things we stored in my Aunt’s basement "temporarily" and dropped them smack dab in the middle of the main level of our house, so there’s no way around it, literally, I must go through and put the damn stuff away SOMEWHERE, lol. 
 As for that: A) What was I even thinking? It was stuff from the Victorian cottage we had. I’m not sure what I was thinking other than it had to get moved out ASAP to clear the place for sale and I don’t know. lol.
So the communal dining table is stacked - I am typing around the stuff, that’s how hard-core I’ve become.

4. Another button I need to do. Get a "butt on" the chair in the office and continue my free-lance writing assignments right here in "river city." Stringing for the local rag here takes some persistence - you have to eyeball the island action and pitch the story to them first rather than the other way around. The slant on community and news is very different from the Mainland - they take it personally. Example? Recent bitching has been about putting in a rotary road where the only traffic light of sorts - it's a blinker - on the island is presently located as a four-way stop. The debate has been hot, the State Authorities called in, lots of slinging of the "L" word (lawsuit, lol) around.  Anyway, I've got some pre-tty interesting ideas up my sleeve ;) - as usual - just you wait and see. :)

5. Wishing you lived close by to distract me - we could go grab a cup o' joe at Mocha Mott's or Espresso Love and knit a bit.

Instead, I have Family Supper Night (read that with an echo, it’s endless sometimes how much I want to hang with my extended family, lol).

And a hat that must be knit.

I could probably just put this up in a post, couldn’t I?
Good idea, lol.

Yours in yarn,

Have a Good One. :)


  1. Ohhhhhh, hands clapping together excitedly, like I'm 6 or something!!!! You did put it as a post, stream of consciousness, kinda!
    I have a few questions.... Is that your view from the back deck? It will be so lovely to watch it shed it's coat of winter browns and greys, soon I hope.
    I love the buttons you used, where did you find them? They almost look like bone.
    Is that stitch the same as in the Rav pattern, Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks? Very pretty...
    Do the sundresses come in the size of.... been eating absolutely everything is sight, tall? Ugh, fattie here.
    Scoping out the contents of that table is fun, and at first glance I thought it was taken in the summer, fan, one sandal, Hawaiian themed mug.....looks like a honeymoon travel brochure in the foreground.... nice piece!
    That coffee shop looks like it needs some shakin' up, we're just the girls to start a commotion, ya think?

  2. E:
    Ok, first of all thanks for giving me great feeedback!
    Now to your Qs. No, sadly that is not the view from my deck, it's from a farm up-island. I love that the browns and grays will soon turn to green.Anticipation! The buttons were from an online button store - they are horn. I will get you the url. This pattern is a simple moss - K1P1. Love the other pattern you refer to, it's a star stitch. And yes, the ones I'm planning on making will come in all different sizes. :)

    That picture is from the contents of the summer cottage - hence a bunch of summer stuff I don't want to look at in the winter, lol. And as for the coffee shop - it seems plain jane, but that's because the characters who walk in and out are the color, lol. We could def. do some shakin'!

  3. Count me in for the coffee shop! Love the moss stitch, it looks so much more fabulous when you do it! Gauge is like a behemoth monster under the knitting bed, I think it ate my latest pair of socks and I am contemplating restarting with zero enthusiasm but increasingly I think that is what I should do!

    That picture of your culture brought to mind a Hidden object game. It looks so lived in! Enjoyable post all around as always. Oh and sewing... leave me wax on just a minute about my undying love of embroidery floss and my lack of skills with a needle.

    Ill fated lover affair of the crafting world it is really. Perhaps one day.. one day..

    Sending love and green from the Caribbean!

  4. Edit: Clutter not culture. ~laughs Oopsie auto correct!

  5. Socks, you say? Check out Fleegle's toe-up pattern. It's guaranteed to be gauge-less proof. All you have to do is figure out how many stitches to the inch you knit with what yarn you are using and then it's simple math from there. Go look it's in Ravelry! And also, if I had a dollar for every project or craft I tried and threw over, I would at least be able to buy a yarn store, lol. Catching your warm breezes and holding them in my mind's eye. :)