Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The price of fame and fortune or wasn't that Keri Russell that just walked by?

Ok People. It is the 15th of the the effin' month of September and I still can't get a parking space on Main St. Vineyard Haven?! At 2 o'clock in the afternoon even.

Oh dear. What have I gotten myself into?
 I think we know the answer to that. Plenty. :)

It's nice to think that everyone wants to visit this place, even in the Off Season. That we welcome one and all to this idyllic setting with open arms (and pockets :) ). This is the kind of place that even prides itself on being the "nicer cousin" island playground of the rich and famous to the more rigid and uppity "other" island playground of the Uber Rich and Famous, neighboring Nantucket.

Here we like to leave our celebrities alone, preferring to ogle at a nice, quiet distance. Here you might see on any given morning, Ted Danson dipping into the Bunch of Grapes Bookstore, or Meg Ryan waiting patiently for her young child to finish playing a game at the local game arcade like any other mom or dad. With no massive crowd yelling for autographs or paparazzi snapping tabloid shots. Or you might run into Jim Belushi enjoying a family dinner at the local bistro/bar, the only thing differentiating him from the general patronage is the fact that he has a labeled private reserve liquor cabinet above the bar - a privilege also afforded to non-celebrity locals as well. And when the Presidential Motorcade arrived for a second visit, our only complaint was traffic jams.
from MV Times, Main St. Vineyard Haven

Yes, the islanders try to treat the "fortunate 500" the same as everyone else here - with that insouciant, devil-may-care attitude afforded anyone here... if you "ain't" born and raised here, you're just an off-islander! However. They do have one guilty pleasure they get a little ga-ga over -- celebrity musician sitings.

This morning at 12:41 a.m., I got the following text from my brother-in-law, John Robert (yes first and middle - he's originally from the South, so we try to humor him into thinking Yankees do that, too lol) who works as a professional waiter at the above bistro/bar shabby chic kind of place: "I just waited on PRINCE!!!"

I think that says it all. :)

Just don't park in my parking space.

Have a good one.


  1. Oh Jules, I love your writing. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming. I thought, like the Hamptons, that all "those people" clear out after Labor Day. Jeez. They just really make our common lives a little more difficult, don't they? But when you live in a celebrity populated environment, they truly are just another person. The can't be divas 24-7! I used to pass David Letterman frequently when he took his runs in Ridgefield CT on MY road. LOL

  2. Thanks Susan! It truly is a hideout for some here... probably in mores ways than I know yet lol. And they look so "un-celebrity" like, too! I hardly recognized Keri Russell at the Black Dog getting takeout with her child and guy...