Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 More Reasons Why I Still Like Living on the Island

Read em' and weep, Folks.
From today's MAINLAND headlines:

1. Toilet Explodes, Lands Woman in Hospital

2. Woman Sent to Morgue While Still Living

3. Michael Jackson Injected Himself With Deadly Drugs, Doctor Says

4. Woman Gets Shock on Starbucks Cup - Barista Scrawled Obscenity on Cup

And drumroll, please:

5. Law Enforcement Accused of Eating Suspect's Pot Brownies

Ok, that one could theoretically happen on a bohemian island, lol.

Have a safe one. :)


  1. I felt the same way for years after moving to Jefferson County. I think I got to about a thousand reasons why leaving Pinellas County was a great idea.........

  2. ~laughs, I really enjoy your humor. None of the headlines here are anywhere as interesting! Ah, the relative ease of small island life!

  3. It just seems that a mere 7 mile strip of water can change so much!