Saturday, September 10, 2011

An Island September

Geoff Wheeler

The island in September.
Breezes, cool and comforting -
The air "brims with smells to feel."

Crisp leaves ready for the crackle of Fall,
Sooty odors, burning bush and twigs.

Salt waves, briny, textured with mermaid's hair - brown and gold and titan red,
Filled with mermen's ware -conch shells to make the siren call of winter storms.

And the deep blue sea  - not the azure of late spring or the cyan of a hot summer,
But inky - like brand new school jeans or the sapphire of night reflected back, diamond tops sparkling.
Anne Marie Brown/MVTimes
The purple-gray softness of September morning haze -  moonstone and lavender - milky and smooth, sweet and pungent - plays on a sparkling surface,
the soft blanket of memories to climb under and remember.

And the flowers.
Oh, the flowers.
Like the last hurrah of summer -  colors vibrant, fragrance heady,
readying for a departing summer,
                          Turning into the golden-red light of Fall.

 Ah, September.

Have a good one, call your mother and put your sweaters on. :)


  1. Lovely! This I love, it is such a wonderful journey of prose and pictures.

  2. It's so interesting to watch the seasons change on an island. It's like its own little biosphere!

  3. What a mood you can create using words and beautiful photos!