Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Problem With Doing Nothing...

... is you never know when you are done.

And, I am certain that difficulty finding motivation from time to time is not wholly the fault of living on an island.
But it's close, lol.

What with Hurricane Irene and Labor Day Weekend, the last several days bringing gray skies, rain, and more rain, it is becoming Letdown  Central around here.

Now normally, one would tend to push beyond the abyss, "man" up and get a butt in gear.

But today, I take a different approach.
What if, for today, being productive is actually counterproductive?

When I lived in America the Mainland, it was go, go, go, make the most out of every day, because, frankly, who else is going to do it? We have to make a living, keep the house going, and take care of others.

But what if, I stop a moment, and look towards improving my day rather than my productivity?

What if I put the breaks on speed and downshifted into slowing down, just a bit, and find the joy in whatever it is I am doing?

So in that light, I offer the following:

1. Just for today, stop trying to arrange the clutter, but clear the clutter instead.
Take the wastebasket, throw 5 things into it and be done with it.
Because, really, if you have less around, there's no need to arrange, store or otherwise fiddle with the extras, right? 5 less pieces of paper, 5 less things in the frig, 5 less outgrown, outworn, or out-of-style wardrobe pieces means less to deal with.

2. Just for today, list 1 to-do, not a dozen, and hey, what a concept, DO only it.

3. Just for today, when on that treadmill, don't, I REPEAT, DO NOT count the minutes, the mileage, the more, more, more in my head. Just run like the wind, and enjoy the feeling ( ok walk like the wind, but you get the picture). Stop when you feel the urge, not when the clock tells you to.

4. Just for today, work on something I love, something I can't stand another minute without working on. I know, I know, I hear you saying "But the other needs to get done." I get it. See, if it can wait, just one day,  just a day to regroup, or if not a day, a morning, or an afternoon. Allow myself a piece of time to do that thing I love, and I bet I will see an uptick in overall productivity in the end.

5. And Just for today, stop multitasking and take on the moment for being in the moment. Just sit and be.

So that's it. Maybe the point is to do nothing you normally do, and see what gets done.
It might do a body good.

Have a creative one. :)

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  1. Wow I love your list wish I had seen it earlier today! I'll still try it out. Simple and sweet!

    (hugs) have a good day and let me know how it went!