Thursday, October 27, 2011

Heck Part 2

This is going to seem reeeeeealy funny to you.

But we just got a call from Roadside Assistance, checking to see if our tow truck had arrived.
It's 3:20 in the morning.

This after spending the entire, and I mean ENTIRE, day trying to get my disabled car off the island to the Mainland Dealership for repair.

It's like you can't get there from here.
No tow trucks will get on the boat - from either side.
For fear of spending up the nation's debt load in payment, I believe.

The process of getting a disabled car off the island is like a series of finely tuned pass-offs, the likes of which you only see in Olympic tag-teaming events.

After coordinating between the call-back Roadside Assistance Center in Toronto, Canada, the AAA tow truck here, the mainland dealership, the Roadside Assistance tow truck on the mainland and juggling my schedule, we establish a car reservation for today.

1. The tow truck tows the ailing car to the Steamship boat dock.
2. There it is manually pushed onto the boat.
3. It rides the boat in silence.
4. It is then pushed off the boat into the mainland parking area, to be picked up by mainland tow truck and towed to the dealership.
5. A very embarrassed and harassed driver must accompany the car at all times.
6. And this only costs an arm and a leg.

And all this is accomplishing during the same time as:

Planning, prepping and executing a 50th birthday party and dinner for 10
Last minute clean-up of the house for company
A freelance assignment interview with the local paper
Overseeing the septic upgrade issues taking place on my Mom's house

Wish me luck, lol.
Stay tuned....

Have a good one. :)


  1. I'm sorry. Sorry that you got a call so late and that the car is broken and that island living makes things so challenging. If I were closer, I'd pitch in and take on some of your errands to help you.

    smile, this too shall pass. And good energy at the interview today!!

  2. It's actually all pretty funny, and just another adjustment to make. We didn't think this would ever be an issue because the car is so young. By the time these type of issues usually crop up - the car is out of the warranty and there are mechanics here who do a good job on Toyota and Honda cars. The magic hour is noon for everything - fairy dust is appreciated. :)

  3. I sense a business opportunity here. Not quite sure what, but this scenario can't be new with you.

    I shall ponder whilst I knit.

    You have a great attitude about it all, Julie. Keep up the good work.

  4. Good point. Or with the rest of the island population. Keep thinking.