Saturday, October 8, 2011

Teach a man to fish....

REMINDER: The Derby Committee strongly discourages parents from taking children out of school to go fishing or Juniors fishing during school hours. It is unsportmanlike to do so when other juniors are in school. We expect parents to support this commitment to education and good sportsmanship.

- notice from the current Derby website

You know, some parents will take their kids out of school to travel the world.
But here, they take them out to fish.

Have a good one. :) 


  1. Reminds me of when I taught at Chatham High School - there, instead of announcing that work permits were available, Guidance would announce that shellfish permits were available. I love this place!

  2. It is a crazy, fishy world we live in here, lol!

  3. Fishing is a life experience that a class room can never give! Arm them with rods I say! Looks like a grand old time.

    P.s. left you a note on Rav dear!