Thursday, October 27, 2011

Heck Part 3 - The Finale

I am happy to report that all is well once again in the Wheeler household.

Because despite the odds, my hybrid auto is fixed.
And without leaving Wonderland.

All because of a very kind and quick-thinking off-island tow truck guy who dared asked the real question to my hybrid auto woes: "What seems to be going on?"

Listening carefully, he surmised that the problem was most likely a dead battery attached to the gas engine of the car.

So in the end, no towing, no pushing, no pulling, no drifting down the boat ramp without a motor or tow to the dealership was needed.

It took a trip to the local service station, and we simply had the battery released of its misery and replaced.

All hail one very smart tow truck operator!

As for the rest, the house got cleaned, the freelance appt. kept, the food prepared and the 50th birthday party for Uncle John was a rave success.

Just call me Superwoman.

Have a good one. :)


  1. Thank goodness for honest tow truck drivers who go that extra mile to ponder what is really wrong. It's like the time one of my kids was convinced the lamp needed to be thrown away, it's broken.... All we needed was a new bulb. LOL. Glad that your day ended well.

  2. Me, too! Time to celebrate with a trip to the yarn shop.

  3. Redirecting money that otherwise would have gone to hybrid repair. My kind of woman.